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A Easier Way to Install H-Encore 3.65/3.68

    • PlayStation Vita or TV (Running Firmwares 3.65/3.67/3.68)
    • Dummy PSN Account (doesn´t need activation)
    • PS VITA Memory Card (1000 Series Only)
    • QCMA (Unofficial Content Manager – Important)
    • PSVIMGTOOL-Front End – Silica’s & Pina
    • H-Encore CM – Backup

Links for the TOOLS:


Download PSVIMGTOOL-Front End by Silica&Pina and install on your machine (dont run it yet), as well as the H-Encore CM Backup and QCMA.

Install QCMA, as you will need the PSVITA Serial Code inside the APP Folder, if is your first time connecting the PSVITA to your PC.

PS: If you have trouble connecting the PSVITA to your PC, with QCMA, download Zadig, to replace the PSVITA Drivers untill QCMA detects your PSVITA/TV.

Once you installed PSVIMGTOOL-Front End on your Windows Machine, navigate to your PC,go to your Main OS HDD, and enable (Hidden Items), this will be needed as you will have to drag the H-Encore CM Backup.

Once done the process before, open a new Explorer Tab and navigate to (C:\Windows\Users\Your Profile Name\AppData\Roaming\psvimgtools-frontend), your location may vary, with each OS.

Once done the process before, keep the tab open, and locate your H-ENCORE CM Backup you´ve downloaded before, and drag it inside the folder psvimgtools-frontend, doing this will allow the H-Encore to be installed at a much faster rate,and without any errors, also dont forget to refresh your QCMA as youve added a CM Backup, just in case.

Open PSVIMGTOOLS-Front End shortcut in your Desktop, and you will be prompted a window with three options, select Account Manager (First Time User Only), and click on Add Account and create an Account Name of your choice as well as the AID, that is located in your Documents\PS VITA\APP, a serial number that is linked with your PSVITA, and create the account.

Once done your account, in the previous step, you will be back at the same start window, now select EASY INSTALLERS tab, and click install, this will prompt to which USER you want to install H-ENCORE, and select the user you´ve made previously or a user of your choice, and hit Choose Account, this will prompt a new window, in which you will select H-ENCORE.CMBACKUP File you have placed in Step-2, and click it to open, once done that, you will be prompted with another window, be patient, it will open.

Now it will open a window with a prompt regarding the SAVEDATA, just hit YES, and observe the magic :D

Let it finish, until a new window pops up saying DONE:Backup Created, you can now close PSVIMG and refresh the QCMA ;)

Connect your PSVITA to PC, and navigate to Content Manager, from there go to Connect to PC, and Copy, then Applications, and H-ENCORE should be there, copy it to your PSVITA/TV.

After done copying, exit Content Manager, and success you have H-ENCORE installed on your PSVITA/TV, but we are not done yet.

Now turn on your PS VITA/TV WIFI, and open the H-ENCORE Bubble, it should flash a few colours, and then it should open, after you´ve done that, select INSTALL HENKAKU, and let it do his thing, after you´ve done that, select INSTALL VITASHELL, and once install navigate to EXIT.


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