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How to Repair PS4 Power Supply?

The power supply connector has two parts…one on the end of the power supply cable and the other on the motherboard of the console. If you’ve torn this connector from the motherboard of your PS4 this video shows you how to fix it. Keep in mind that to fix it correctly it will need to be soldered back onto the motherboard. Each of the 4 pins of the power supply connector need to be soldered on to the correct, correlating pin on the motherboard. This will sometimes require the use of very small wire to restore the connection.

The Replacement Part you may need:

4 Pin Power Supply Adapter ADP-200ER for PS4 CUH-1200

4 Pin Power Supply ADP-240CR for PS4 CUH-11xxA

5 Pin Power Supply Adapter ADP-240AR for PS4 CUH-1001A (Pulled)

New Power Supply N16-160P1A for PS4 Slim

Original Power Supply ADP-160CR for PS4 Slim

Great Thanks to TronicsFix LLC’s Video.

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