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How to Replace Nintendo Switch Charge Port?

If you have a problem with the Nintendo Switch not charging or if it won’t turn on. Hopefully this video will help.

This is a very common problem with these consoles and I’ve already had some in for repairs for this problem. There are several things that can cause this type of problem (bad battery, faulty charging cable, etc.) one of the most common causes is a faulty charge port. This is the port that you plug the USB C charge cable into. The problem is that the small copper pins inside the charge port get bent or broken which causes a bad connection. Once that happens then the battery will drain or discharge and cause your Switch to not turn on when you press the power button. I show how to disassemble the Nintendo Switch, remove the motherboard, replace the charge port and put it all back together again. Enjoy!

Original New USB Type-C Charging Port Connector for NS Nintendo Switch

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Thanks to TronicsFix LLC’s Video.

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