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New Nintendo Switch Modchip from Rebug will be Arrived Soon!

Developer Aboshi2011 of Team Rebug has been working on a new modchip for the Nintendo Switch called Switchme for a few months. After a few hiccups with the prototypes, they finally have a working modchip.

This modchip has been tested with RCM strapping, hardware auto RCM, and software RCM but Aboshi2011 reports that it’s much easier to use with software auto RCM. Of course, your going to need some soldering skills to install this 4 wire modchip to your Switch and feel comfortable taking it apart and putting it back together.

Auto RCM Strapping – 5-6 wire install
Software Auto RCM – 4 wire install
Normal Mode – 4 wire install
Auto Payload injection after reboot – 5-6 wire install

If no Auto RCM Software or Strapping used you will either need to use a jig or solder pin 1-10 on the right joycon.
We will have detailed write-ups soon under the Nintendo Switch section of the site.

You can also use this as standalone development board (Like the Trinket m0)

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