NCP1608B Chip for PS4 Slim Pro Power Supply


NCP1608B Chip for PS4 Slim Pro Power Supply

The NCP1608 is an active power factor correction (PFC) controller specifically designed for use as a pre−converter in ac−dc adapters, electronic ballasts, and other medium power off−line converters (typically up to 350 W). It uses critical conduction mode (CrM) to ensure near unity power factor across a wide range of input voltages and output power. The NCP1608 minimizes the number of external components by integrating safety features, making it an excellent choice for designing robust PFC stages. It is available in a SOIC−8 package.

General Features
• Near Unity Power Factor
• No Input Voltage Sensing Requirement
• Latching PWM for Cycle−by−Cycle On Time Control (Voltage Mode)
• Wide Control Range for High Power Application (>150 W) Noise Immunity
• Transconductance Error Amplifier
• High Precision Voltage Reference (±1.6% Over the Temperature Range)
• Very Low Startup Current Consumption (≤ 35 A)
• Low Typical Operating Current Consumption (2.1 mA)
• Source 500 mA/Sink 800 mA Totem Pole Gate Driver
• Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis
• Pin−to−Pin Compatible with Industry Standards
• This is a Pb−Free and Halide−Free Device

Safety Features
• Overvoltage Protection
• Undervoltage Protection
• Open/Floating Feedback Loop Protection
• Overcurrent Protection
• Accurate and Programmable On Time Limitation

Typical Applications
• Solid State Lighting
• Electronic Light Ballast
• AC Adapters, TVs, Monitors
• All Off−Line Appliances Requiring Power Factor Correction