SD2SNES Flashcart REV F Version for Super Nintendo SFC SNES

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SD2SNES Flashcart REV F Version for Super Nintendo SFC SNES

The SD2SNES is a flashcard, which loads the ROMs in the console itself. The handling of the flashcart is very simple. Just put your back-up game ROM files on your SD card. Plug your SD card into your SD2SNES and your SD2SNES into the cart slot of your system.


SD/SDHC/SDXC support (tested up to 64GB; no exFAT support so SDXC cards must be formatted using FAT32).
High quality push to push memory card slot.Fast ROM loading (~9 MB/s).Fast menu navigation.Directories are sorted automatically, no need for FAT sorting tools. High resolution menu (512×224) for adequate display of long file names.
Real Time Clock.

Supports ROM size up to 128Mbit (96Mbit actually implemented).Automatic near-time SRAM saving to SD Card (while the game is running).

Some limitations apply:

Near-time saving is switched to periodic saving when a game is found to use the SRAM as work RAM.Automatic saving is disabled when MSU1 is used. SRAM is saved on reset.Enhancement chip support (see below for implementation status).

SuperCIC key (SNES CIC clone): Enables operation on unmodified consoles of all regions.Supports software 50/60Hz switching on SuperCIC enhanced consoles only (to be performed by SD2SNES firmware, not yet implemented there).

Auto region patching: Eliminates “This Game Pack is not designed…” messages regardless of 50/60Hz setting.

ENHANCEMENT CHIPS: Each supported enhancement chip can be used in conjunction with MSU1.IMPLEMENTED:BS-X memory map / Satellaview base unit registers (clock)DSP1 / 1bDSP2DSP3DSP4ST-010Cx4MSU1S-RTCCartridge uses custom made multi region shell. It fits in both Americas, Europe and Japan systems.