Wired Infrared Ray Sensor Bar for Wii Remote

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Wired Infrared Ray Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii Remote

This inductor is designed for receiving the infrared signal from the Wii console.
It is easy and convenience to use. Only need connect the inductor’s plug to the Wii console.
There is a holder can help to support the inductor.
Material: ABS
Usage: 4 x AAA batteries(not included)

Ensure that the inductor is correctly thrust into the Wii console.
Please pull off the inductor when clean it.
Don’t keep the inductor in a wet or damp place.
Don’t let the inductor receive damage or pressure to extend service life of the cables.
Please do not use it in the case of the inundated or broken.
No drying process by external heat equipment such as microwave oven etc.
Please do not let children play the inductor.