Xecuter J-R Programmer V2 (JRP) Tool for Xbox 360

$12.45 - $14.65

Made by Third Party.

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Xecuter J-R Programmer V2 (JRP) Tool for Xbox 360

– Fast NAND Programming
– Fast XILINX CR JTAG Programming
– Compatible with all CoolRunners inc the new CR3 Pro
– Supports Full Post Monitoring
– Compatible with both Phat and Slim
– Onboard LED’s indicate Power & Data
– Easy Install System
– Compatible with All NAND-X QSB’s
– Includes Cable For QSB V3 Kit or Wires Install (QSB V3 Kits Sold Separately)
– Includes Cable For Xilinx CRJTAG
– Includes Cable for Xecuter Sonus 360 (Sonus 360 QSB Sold Separately – Trinity Kit or Corona Kit)
– Includes KIOSK option for Remote On
– Built-in Programmer For Future Firmware Upgrades
– Designed for the latest J-Runner App (Build 283+)
– Rock Solid Design – Tested by the J-Runner Team
– Supports New QSB V3 Kits (Solder Separately)
– Supports Sonus 360 Programming
– Affordable – We Provide You With More For Less !