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Vantage Controller for Sony PS4 Adds Wireless Play and New Customizable Side Buttons.

Custom console game controller maker, Scuf, is today announcing a new custom PlayStation 4 Controller. The device is also the first officially licensed third-party wireless PS4 controller for the US and Canada market. (Previous models of Scuf PS4 controllers have featured wireless play, but none have been officially licensed through Sony.)

The new product line, called Scuf Vantage, sports two so-called “sax” buttons that are described as “unique side-mounted right and left” buttons and positioned on either side of the controller next to the existing bumper and trigger buttons.

The controller also features a few features new to Scuf’s line of PS4 gamepads, including a new audio control option for adjusting volume and muting various sound sources via the PS4 touch bar. Sucf says the Vantage will also come with a removable faceplate for easy customization of the thumbsticks and other aesthetic options.

The Scuf Vantage is up for preorder in a wired-only option for $169.95 and a wireless Bluetooth one for $199.95. For the time being, Scuf is only selling the device in the US and Canada, and the company’s website says it will start shipping in August 2018.

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